Texting Bad: Breaking Best Practices

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In the words of Breaking Bad fan favourite Jesse Pinkman, “Yeah, Science B*tch! We agree Jesse, Science B*tch!!

TV phenomenon Breaking Bad made science cool! But, most importantly, it showed that science doesn’t just belong in a lab. It is in fact an everyday tool which can be applied to everyday activities; Marketing, Business, Psychology, Manufacturing Methamphetamine, Sports, etc. You know.. everyday things like that.

The science behind Text Message Marketing is a simple one:

  1. Follow SMS Best Practices.
  2. Analyse Results.
  3. Experiment.
  4. Analyse Again!
  5. Optimize.

Follow these steps and you’ll be an SMS King Ping in no time at all! The Heisenberg of the Text Message marketing world!

What happens to those that choose to ignore the science? Well, unfortunately, the reality is grim. These people are more Hindenburg than Heisenberg. To put it simply, texting bad could break your marketing efforts!

Want to see why?

Just look at these examples of bad texts below. While reading, ask yourself “If I was a customer would I want to receive messages that looked like this?”


Bad Texts

If them texts were a vegetable they’d be an onion… they make me want to cry!

So, are you “texting bad”?

If you are, and you’re looking for the science behind creating a great marketing SMS, then don’t worry; we have the exact formula you need:

[(BP + a) x E] + a(a) + O = A Great Text!




BP = Best Practices

[(BP + a) x E] + a(a) + O = Great Text!

Follow our SMS Best Practices! They’re best practices for a reason.

With every marketing SMS you send you have just a few short seconds to place yourself in the recipients mind. To do this you need to catch their attention and make them want to read what you wrote. It’s important to write a great text that creates urgency, wows your customers, is actionable, is easy to understand and, most important, is memorable! Basically, make sure your text doesn’t come across as spam!

.. and don’t forget to include the unsubscribe option (It’s the law). You don’t want to be too much of a bad lad like Walter White!

Click Here to read our Best Practices Guide.


a = Analyse Results

[(BP + a) x E] + a(a) + O = Great Text!

After every campaign it is vital to analyse results. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What was my opt out rate?
  2. Did I notice a considerable uptake in business due to the campaign?
  3. How much did the campaign cost?
  4. Roughly, how much revenue did the campaign generate?
  5. Can I experiment with my next campaign?

Once you have answered these question record your finding as you’ll need them later in our formula.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your customers and ask them how they felt about receiving that particular text.


E = Experiment

[(BP + a) x E] + a(a) + O = Great Text!

It’s time to experiment!

Make changes to several of your campaigns (we recommend running at least 4 experiments). Changes could include:

  • The Offer
  • Sending Time
  • Tone of Your Text
  • Your Call to Action
  • Offer Period

For each campaign repeat Step One and Two (BP & a). Remember, it’s important to record results for future reference.


a(a) = Analyse Your Analysis!

[(BP + a) x E] + a(a) + O = Great Text!

Once you’ve experimented enough, and have enough data recorded to work with, you’ll need to analyse your analysis! (Don’t worry it’s not as confusing as it sounds!)

Gather all the data and results you recorded from analysing your experiments. Look at each campaign, compare results and see what alterations made a difference to results. Ask yourself questions like:

  1. What was the opt out rate for each text?
  2. Did time of sending effect opt outs/redemption rates?
  3. Did the day of sending alter results?
  4. Did changing the tone of the text impact on the customers?
  5. How effecting was changing the offer?
  6. Did customer opinion of the campaign vary from text to text?

Once you have done this highlight and record the best element from each campaign. ie. This time worked best, this day worked best, that call-to-action was most effective, customers were most responsive to a friendly tone, there was the most uptake on that type of offer, etc.


O = Optimize!

[(BP + a) x E] + a(a) + O = Great Text!

Now that you know what works best it’s time to complete the final part of your equation.

Taking what you have learned so far, particularly from a(a), optimize you new SMS campaigns by taking what you have proved works best and combine the best elements into the one campaign.

By optimizing your text with the elements that have worked best in previous campaigns you’re on your way to becoming the SMS King Ping I promised.


The Special Formula


See, science doesn’t just belong in the lab!!

Apply the correct formula and you’ll see great results from your highly optimized campaigns. Don’t be afraid to try something different when experimenting! It may seem crazy, but it may also work! Sometimes unusual can be a good thing. Walt’s blue meth wasn’t exactly normal (eh, I assume)!

Always remember, an optimized text – following best practices – with a great offer is most likely to spring your customers into action.

It worked on Jesse!

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