Instantly measure text marketing results.

Whether you’re trying to increase sales or enhance workflow, measuring your results is incredibly important for running a well-oiled SMS campaign. You need to see how your messages are performing.

Unlike other SMS solutions we give you all the available information in a clear and simple manner. Simply log in to our dashboard to see your results.

And you can measure all variables by:

  • Today
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 30 Days
  • Last 90 Days

So what are we measuring?

These are the important metrics that you will always need when running a SMS campaign.

  • Number of new contacts added. Monitor how your contact list growing and compare to see the effect on your campaign.
  • See how many messages you’ve sent. Keep track of your volumes and make changes accordingly.
  • Opt Outs and Opt Out %: One of the key measurements is to see if you’re sending the right message to right people.
  • Delivery Verified: Confirm that your messages have been sent. Delivery Verified is the official acknowledgement that verifies the delivery of the message.