Charities need a helping hand

Bulk SMS for charities is a vital tool to promote worthwhile causes that require urgent response.

Our SMS solution is designed for speed and ease of use. With comprehensive help and support and the friendliest staff you’ll find, Text Republic is here to help. We offer discounts to charities so please do enquire today.


Promoting genuinely important causes couldn’t be easier:

  • Urgent relief? Our user-friendly SMS solution is incredibly quick and easy to use.
  • Budgets are tight? Our exclusive Bad Number Cleanser automatically erases money-wasting numbers.
  • Get them to donate. You can include hyperlinks in your messages and send them to the donation page on your site.
  • Develop a strong relationship with your donors with automatic updates.




What non-profits are saying about us:

“Excellent service easy to use and competitive

Not being computer buffs we needed something simple fast and easy.The Excell input was easy and painless The language used is plain and concise”

– Comeraghs Against Pylons