Don’t bore the pants off your audience. Target their interests.

Our group texting options make it incredibly easy for you to send and schedule different messages to different sections of your audience. Get the right message to the right people to save money and increase engagement with group text messaging.

Putting a group together is easy. And fun!

In our intuitive online SMS system, managing groups is a cinch. Create a new group, add a description and you’re ready to go.

There’s no need to complicate the process. And you can delete or edit a group at any stage.

Keep your contacts keen. Tag ‘em in their relevant groups.

It takes one click to add a contact to a group. You can tag them when you’re adding them to your contact list or do it after. Like the groups themselves, you can easily edit which group each of your contacts are in or remove the from a group completely.

Group text messaging is the perfect way to avoid having a mental breakdown sending one text at a time! If your a large organisation, this a feature you cannot do without.