About us

Text Republic is a self-service SMS communications platform used by thousands of happy clients in Ireland and the UK. Our expert team and technology can help whether you are looking for a reliable bulk texting platform, a database capture solution or you want to send coupons or tickets to your customers. Text Republic is part of Phonovation Ltd (www.phonovation.com) and we’ve been providing best in class technology and support to our customers since 1988.

Text Republic Manifesto

Providing a digital service doesn’t mean that we have to act like robots.

Our team is compiled of real people ready to answer any questions you may have.

We are dedicated to providing you with the very best in customer service and support, as well as an innovative, user friendly SMS solution. Through our interactions with you, we understand better what you need from our product. And through your interactions with us, you understand the endless possibilities (and the amazing ROI !) that SMS marketing gives you.

Check out our Text Republic Manifesto