Get them in the door with SMS.


97% of your customers read their text messages. These text messages are usually read within five seconds.  This is particularly relevant for butchers who want to drive footfall in the store and increase their sales. You can contact your customers directly with enticing special offers about your weekly meat deals to keep them interested


We care about our customers therefore we provide a super user-friendly solution with full help and support. It is a highly cost effective way of promoting you special offers and the cost is significantly lower than newspaper ads, radio advertising and TV. The cost of setting up this type of marketing is low and yields tremendous results.


How good does that sound, would you like to be that butchers that gets a significant increase in sales at a minimal cost?

The system allows you to do the following

Keep your customers up to date on your weekly special offers on various products such as steak, chicken, bacon, pork etc. Send a message to a group of customers in the space of a couple of seconds. It is a permission based service so customers that sign up will want to receive special offers.

Start your weekly special offers campaign using text messaging and see those chickens fly out the door. It is the perfect platform to for perishable goods such as meat, fish etc. Allowing you to get rid of excess stock that has not been purchased.

Get your customers in the door with an attractive offer that is too good to refuse. Once they are in the door you have another opportunity to sell them complementary products.

It’s a WIN-WIN situation, low cost advertising with a high return

SPECIAL OFFERS: 10 Chicken fillets and loin of pork for only €15

Why not try it and see for yourself the benefits of SMS

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