The Irish Startup Universe 2014 [Infographic + Full List of Events]

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At Text Republic, we’ve been looking for a breakdown of ALL the startup events organised throughout the year in Ireland for quite some time.

But we haven’t found one.

That’s a pity because, as you all know, Ireland is a very prolific country in term of startup events.

The biggest of all is organised the 30th and 31st of October 2013: the Web Summit. However, we found out that monthly events are in fact as important as major annual events: they keep the Irish startup community up-and-running.

That’s why we teamed up with Russell Banks, curator of Startup Digest (excellent newsletter – you HAVE to subscribe to it) and founder of Pirate Dashboard, to produce the first ever infographic around ALL the startup events organised in Ireland throughout the year.

  • We classified those events in 5 categories: Digital Marketing, Social, Getting Started, Technology and General.
  • We also sorted them out by frequency: monthly events, quaterly events, infrequent events and annual events.
  • In total, we found out that 64 events were organised throughout the year! What an achievement!

Below is the infographic (click on it to get the full-size picture), feel free to share it on your website using the HTML code below the image and to share it to your different social media channels.

You will also find below the infographic the FULL list of events with their clickable links.


Below is the FULL list of events with their URLs:

Weekly Events:

Monthly Events:

Quarterly Events:

Infrequent Events:

Annual Events:

Would you like to suggest an event? Did we forget one?


  • EDIT #1 – 29/10/2013: “Find a co-founder” meetup has been added to the Monthly Events.
  • EDIT #2 – 04/11/2013: “Limerick Open Coffee Club” meetup, “Limerick Game Designers” meetup and “The Limerick Open Source Meetup Group” have been added to the Monthly Events.
  • Edit #3 – 04/11/2013: we have added the full list of events below the infographic. You can also suggest events via this file.
  • Edit #4 – 28/11/2013: we have added 13 events thanks to all your recommendations via this file! Keep sharing!
Louis Grenier

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