SMS Marketing: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

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At Text Republic we LOVE seeing our customers sending great texts because we know how positive the impact of a good text can be!

Unfortunately not all texts we see are so good! We’ve therefore compiled our own little examples of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

If you want to learn the art of crafting a great marketing text take on board what you see and read below.

Take a peek!


1) The Good

This is a great example of a high quality, highly effective marketing text message! It hits all the key areas needed to be a great text!

As well as the points highlighted above it is also nicely spaced, well structured and only uses capital letters when required. Importantly, the message doesn’t look ‘spammy’. It’s clean look and great offer make it appealing to read for the receiver.


2) The Bad

This text isn’t the worst but it could be much better!

The availability of the offer isn’t stated. How do I know when I can purchase this deal? What day? What time? For how long? I don’t want to go to my local shop to purchase and find that the deal hasn’t started yet!

Exclusivity and urgency is vital in getting your customers excited about an offer. Unfortunately, this texts creates none. A lack of a call to action is worrying! What content in this text is going to spring your customer to life and make them want to buy? In “The Good” it was the great saving (“Was €15, Now ONLY €9!”) but here there’s nothing to get me moving!

Some other issues include letters that should be capitalised not being, lack of line spacing and, crucially, it isn’t memorable!


3) The Ugly

Where do we start with this one?! We’re struggling to find something right with it! To put it simply this message looks like spam.

Don’t send out “Ugly” text to customers. Avoid excessive use of fully capitalised words, avoid confusion by not overloading your text with to many offers and, to put in bluntly, use your common sense!

Is this a text that you would like to receive from a business? Probably not. So why subject your customers to it?!


Hopefully by learning from and implementing these tip for writing the perfect marketing text message you will help your business improve the number of customers acting upon your SMS offers and reduce your database opt out rate!

Remember, believe in the power of a great text!


Featured Image: Lynn B, Flickr

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