The 3 Most Random Similarities Between The Royal Son And SMS Marketing

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That’s it!

After 9 months that seem like foreeeeeeeveeeeeeer for all the British tabloids, Kate Middleton has finally given birth to a boy!

You’re probably asking yourself:

“Why on Earth a mobile marketing company is talking about the Royal Baby?”

Well, we like what we do so much that we find similarities with our business everywhere. Remember when I wrote about the connection between running a business and Alex Ferguson?

You wouldn’t really think that there are any similarities between the Royal Baby and SMS marketing.

Think again.

1) Kate and William’s son and the SMS are born in the UK

That’s the first obvious one.

As previously mentioned in this post, it’s Neil Papworth of Sema Group who sent the first SMS message over in the United Kingdom on the 3rd of December 1992.

And, as you probably heard 1456 times already, the Royal Son was born in St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London.

2) Their demise never happened

The downfall of the SMS technology has been predicted (and keeps being predicted) over the media an uncountable number of times.

Yes, the apparition of free mobile messaging apps such as What’s app are changing the mobile landscape but text messages and text marketing will be around for quite some time:

  • old or new mobile phone support the technology,
  • the feature is native for every mobile phone in the market,
  • and it is still the most reliable route to send information.

Similarly, plenty of journalists in the past few years have questioned the relevance of a monarchist regime in the capitalist landscape. Can the Royal Family survive the economic crisis?

It seems like the recent Royal Wedding and the birth of the future King of Britain have given the British Monarchy Regime a breath of fresh air.

3) They both give a boost to retail sales

Boost In Retail Sales

Both the Royal Baby and Text Marketing can boost retail sales.

That might be the most unlikely element to link the two.

The Centre for Retail Research estimates that the birth of the Royal Baby will boost the retail sales by around £243 million in the UK!

That’s a lot for a little baby, isn’t it?

Well, using SMS marketing for a retailer has the same effect.

By sending regular offers and information to a list of opt-in customers, a retail business can turn a slow day into a profitable one.

The rain is heavy and nobody wants to get out? Send your customers a special offer, for the day only, to encourage them to come to your shop (maybe with some free coffees and blankets?).

The sun is shining and all that your customers seem to care about is to tan? Organise a BBQ with some free refreshments and text your clients to keep them in the loop.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Any thoughts?

Image Reference: Boost in Retail Sales
Louis Grenier

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