Personalised Marketing For the Food Industry: Tips & Tricks

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We all know that personalised marketing is amplified as the be-all and end-all of effective marketing. Even the biggest, boldest corporate brands manage to entice us with interest-specific offers on products we can’t resist or throw us a personal discount if we haven’t shopped there in a while. Not to mention the remarketing ads that follow us around the internet god forbid our willpower takes over and we decide to abandon our shopping basket.

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Yes, personalised marketing is everywhere and the results definitely speak for themselves, which is why it’s surprising that businesses in one of the most profitable industries are still reluctant to fully adopt the trend – the food industry.

Personalisation is disregarded by many businesses in the food sector, particularly in fast-food, and mistakenly so. It can be agreed that food retailers don’t necessarily need to segment their customer database by gender and send preference-based marketing messages like larger retailers do, however many food retailers are dismissing personalised marketing altogether, unaware that they’re losing out on extra sales and negatively impacting brand image.

There are other personalised marketing tactics outside of preferenced-based marketing that food retailers can have in place to maximise conversions and customer loyalty, here are just a few:

1. Location

personalised marketingLocation-based marketing is a strategy multi-location food retailers should already have in place, however some retailers opt for mass-marketing approach instead which is bad practice for the following reasons:

(a) Missed local marketing opportunities

(b) Higher delivery costs

(c) Unnecessary discounting


Local marketing has huge potential to drive extra food and drink sales. Sporting events, festivals and other local events can draw crowds of hundreds and thousands of people, and people need to eat!

Without location-based marketing, how can you capitalise on tourism and target customers with your event-related special offers?

Personalised Marketing

Mass marketing and discounting to compete for tourism results in handing out unnecessary discounts to regular customers would buy from you regardless, thus negatively affecting profit margin.

Location-based marketing can be particularly important for businesses who provide a delivery service. Deliveries in large cities during peak traffic hours can leave you with a heavy fuel bill, cold orders and unhappy customers. Location-based marketing can help solve this problem – for example offering customers an incentive to order outside of these hours or inform them of increased delivery charges during this period in busy locations.

2. Personal Details

(a)  First Namepersonalised marketing

Our name is a powerful thing. Our senses are heightened when we hear it, see it and read it, which is why we love seeing it on key-rings, jewelry, fridge magnets, cups, and countless other random objects that unsurprisingly sell so easily.

For a brand to address customers by their first name in their marketing messages has a huge impact on the customer. Not only does it make them feel important, but even the most generic offers can come across as exclusive to the individual customer. Let your customers know they’re valued by using name bookmark features in your marketing messages.

(b) Birthdays

Where To Eat Free On Your Birthday

From Visually.

Self-indulgence is flying high on these special occasions so naturally retailers should be trying to divert the annual birthday splurge to their own business. Restaurants in particular can market themselves as the party-location. Inviting the customer in to eat for free would difficult for anyone to turn down, plus there’s the added chance it could draw in the whole birthday group!

Don’t wrongly assume that acknowledging every customer’s birthday takes a lot of time and a lot of money. With mobile marketing it’s simply a matter of bookmarking your customer data and marketing automation takes care of the rest!


So there you have just a few personalised marketing tactics that have proven to deliver extra sales and increase long-term loyalty for food retailers, don’t be afraid to give them a go!

For even more ideas or advise on your own marketing strategy, get in touch with the Text Republic team 🙂



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