Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing – From Carpet Bomb to Sniper

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John Wannamaker (the father of modern advertising) famously once said –

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”

This issue, stated elegantly by Wannamaker, bothered advertisers and business people for decades – they paid for some advertising but then there was no real and exact way to measure its effectiveness. Thankfully we now live in the digital marketing age and this problem has dissipated to a large extent. Facebook, Google and many others offer well targeted advtertising. That said, such is the human condition, now that marketers and business people have gotten a taste for targeted marketing – they want more, much more. Driven by an almost obsessive pursuit they are continually striving to make their advertising more and more targeted. They know that chief executives and CFOs will no longer sign-off on large marketing budgets unless they can clearly see the ROI. They don’t mind spending €1 if they know it will get them €2 back but they won’t spend €1 for just the chance of getting €2 back.

When speaking about old style advertising on this blog we often use words and phrases like ‘carpet bomb approach’ and ‘scatter gun method’. Then while speaking about mobile marketing and Bulk Text Marketing we often use words and phrases like ‘highly targeted mobile messaging’ and ‘the sniper approach to marketing’. So that gave us an idea for a short slideshare presentation which you can see below.

To an extent it’s a bit of fun but the message is clear. All marketing these days must be data driven and highly targeted. Mobile Bulk SMS Marketing is both. Enjoy the presentation and if you like it or it makes you smile then please be our guest and share it to your social networks!

Disclaimer: No guns were fired or bombs dropped in the making of this presentation!

Mobile-Bulk-SMS-Marketing-Carpet-Bomb-to-Sniper from Text Republic
Conor McAleavey

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