3 Ways Love/Hate Will Drive Your Sales This Week

November 6, 2014 9:30 am Published by Love/Hate Nidge

Here we go, talking about Love/Hate again…

Yes, we’re all aware that Love/Hate is just about the biggest and most-talked about thing happening in the country right now. There’s no escaping the fantastically bald-headed Nidge staring up at us from social media newsfeeds and newspaper stands with that trademark glare that gets us both excited and nervous for Sunday’s ritual of gasping in shock, shielding our eyes and shouting “Oh Christ, Siobhan, what’re you doing now!” at the television screen.

Love/HateWith all the relentless publicity you’d think people would simply get sick of the hearing about the Fran/Nidge rivalry that makes Twilight’s Vampire/Werewolf feud look like Labrador puppies fighting over a roll of toilet paper.


We do not get sick of it, nor will we ever get sick of it, in fact I’m pretty sure there will be a national holiday devoted to the series once it finishes for good (let us not think of that awful day).

So from a business perspective, if the only two words catching people’s attention this week are “Love/Hate”, it`s time to jump on the marketing bandwagon. There are plenty of ways you can link your store to the series to draw attention, even if the only realistic link is that the characters would probably rob your tills if it were a real life situation.

These three campaign ideas are as sure to drive your sales as Fran is to cut someone`s limb off on Sunday: Love/hate


1. Sunday Hype Campaign

Attention fast-food franchises, supermarkets and convenience stores, this is your call-to-action! Every viewer around the 6:00pm mark will be planning what goodies to bury their head in once the show starts, so get conjuring up some Love/Hate deals and special offers…

There are plenty of ways to get your deals heard – social media sharing, in- store advertisments or more effectively, bulk SMS messaging.

Whether you’re selling pizza deals, meal deals, popcorn, drink or sweet deals, find a way to link them to the series to catch customers’ attention. Love/Hate references, jokes and puns will get your FRANtastic offers flying out the door (get my gist?).


2. Monday Mourning Campaign

As this week’s episode is the season finale *sigh*, let`s face it, someone is bound to blow somebody’s brains out. Monday’s offices, lunch rooms and classrooms will be buzzing with re-inactions of the previous night`s happenings/tragedies/deaths so why not milk it with some Monday Mourning attention-grabbing Love/Hate offers. What’s better than comfort food after seeing a favorite character get murdered, brutally cut open, or put in a semi-permanent coma?

Offering some condolence offers to your customers is a pretty nice idea, I imagine they’ll need a little TLC… “Attention Love/Hate fans, to commemorate the loss of (God knows) in the season finale last night, we are offering you ***** to get you back in high-spirits!

Love/Hate butchersI know if someone sent me an offer on Ben & Jerrys when Darren was killed off I`d be knee-deep in ice-cream until the following Monday.

3. Week-long Finale Campaign

For those of you eager to take FULL advantage of the series finale either because you`re closed on Sundays, quiet on Mondays or just a massive Love/Hate fanatic, a week-long bulk messaging campaign on the run up to the finale is an excellent idea to grab customers`attention.

Feel free to throw in a few character references or character phrases to get the hype rolling. Butchers and supermarkets can especially run with the whole “I’ve gone a bone to pick with you Nidgey”…

Couple of T-Bone steaks for a tenner perhaps? Be creative but don’t over think it, the purpose is to draw attention to your store not to win pun of the year (clearly I won’t).

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