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Finding yourself stuck for marketing opportunities over the next couple of weeks? Don’t sweat it; we’ve put together a Free Events Marketing Calendar (download below) for the second quarter of this year to help you create engaging campaigns around the events that matter to your customers.

The next couple of months are busy in the sporting world with The Euros, English football finals, World Snooker final as well as our own GAA finals in the pipeline, so F&B retailers, sports retailers and hospitality providers (just to name a few); save the dates and prepare your tactics to cash in on the hype and impulse purchases of hundreds and thousands of celebrating fans.

For retailers whose customers would run at the sight of a football, fear not; there are many weird and wonderful holidays coming into the summer which customers would love to hear about – World Baking Day, Best Friends Day, Eat What You Want Day, Say Something Nice Day – plenty of easy opportunities to reach out to them, spread the love and of course persuade them to buy all your lovely stuff.

To get the creative juices flowing, here are a couple of campaign examples we’ve whipped up to demonstrate how almost any sector can market some of the important events to come:

Sports Marketing Opportunities

Sports events are very easy marketing opportunities for so many business sectors, yet the majority of businesses lose out on extra profit because they’re not prepared. Where there are fans there are opportunities to sell food, drink, sport merchandise, travel and accommodation services, so pencil in your campaign dates and start brainstorming ideas on how to benefit from the hype and tourism to come your way.

marketing opportunities


National and International Holidays

There are tons of national and international holidays that give you a reason to reach out and engage your customers:

International Moment of Laughter Day – Why not put a store voucher up for grabs and run a customer competition for the best joke?

World Wish Day – Engage your customers on social media and ask them to share their own wishes!

World Baking Day – Bake some in-store sweet treats for your customers; spread the word with direct marketing although the smell of freshly baked goods at lunchtime should do more than enough to draw them off the streets.

Weird and Random Marketing Opportunities

The weird and random holidays of the year were mostly likely made up by marketers like ourselves looking for any excuse to entertain their customers and themselves. April, May and July brings us oddness such as Jelly Bean Day, Leprechaun Day, No Pants Day, No Diet Day, Chocolate Ice Cream Day, Pizza Party Day.. and the list goes on. You’ve gotta team up with your imagination on this one…

Marketing Opportunities


Now that we got your creative juices flowing, start planning your campaigns with our FREE Marketing Wall Planner which is jam packed with all the exciting, important and odd events from now until July.

Download your copy here ->

Marketing Opportunities

download your free wall planner here


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