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Apps Apps Apps – that’s all we seem to hear about these days. Smartphones are everywhere, apps are the sexiest things in mobile marketing and everyone NEEDS and just HAS to have one. At Text Republic however we believe that marketers and business owners need to look a little bit deeper. There are many reasons why using SMS marketing can be more effective than developping a costly app.

Yes apps can be very useful and some have proven to be a great success for their owners. Gaming apps like Angry Birds has been a worldwide phenomenon, social media apps like Instagram and Facebook have huge usage stats on their apps, news apps are incredibly popular and every parent these days seems to have a whole arsenal of apps they use to ‘babysit’ their kids when eating out.

So to be absolutely clear – we think some apps are great, hugely valuable and a very important player in the mobile marketing landscape. We still believe they have a vital role to play alongside mobile webpages, bulk sms software and mobile advertising. That said however how many people reading this blog post are actively using an app belonging to a retailer, FMCG or food service chain? My guess is that it’s probably close to 0%! In many cases apps can be fun to launch but generally fail to drive repeat sales and brand engagement and in the case of a small business they are simply out of reach for financial reasons.

Everyone seems to be looking for the killer app…. well at Text Republic we believe the killer app is already here and has been driving repeat custom at businesses across the world for many many years now. Have a look at our small slideshare presentation to see what we think the killer app actually is, we hope you enjoy it…. if yo do, then please feel free to share it!

The KILLER APP! from Text Republic

Conor McAleavey
Conor McAleavey

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