5 Magic Words Proven to Increase Mobile Marketing Conversions

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Which of these mobile marketing messages is more persuasive?

The second? Both? Is there that much of a difference?

Different marketing messages evoke different reactions in customers, no surprises there; which is why specific words and phrases are time-tested day-in and day-out in business to discover which wording triggers the best possible response and conversion rates, thus putting more money in our pockets.

In mobile marketing, we aim to save on costs by keeping our messages short and within the 160 character count that reigns in our selling splurge, so it’s inevitable that many of the top performing trigger words get left out. Keeping a message short and to the point is undeniably one of the most a significant aspects of a successful mobile marketing campaign, however Marketers should be aware that there’s a fine line between short and sweet and blunt and impersonal.


Is this message short and sweet? Sure, gets right to the point.

It’s not long-winded or annoying so we probably won’t unsubscribe, we’ll give it that.

But does it make you feel like grabbing your keys and getting down there before they’re gone? Like you’re getting a deal exclusive to Smyth’s members club?

Nope, not in the slightest.

Good Marketers are expected to whip up messages that are short, personal, create an urgency and provide value to the customer to do what we need to do best. Sell.

It may seem that all these wonderful attributes could be asking a lot of our modest 160 characters, which is why we need to include and familiarise ourselves with some of the magic words research has proven delivers value and persuades customers to buy.


1. You

The word “you” is one of the oldest and most effective selling techniques in any language. We’ve all been on holiday abroad to the local flea markets where the universal sales tactic is, “How much?” “For you – Special Price!”.

We have a good laugh about it yet we always manage to walk away with some form of hand-carved ashtray, leather wearable or bald Buddha ornament that will never see the light of day.

Mobile Marketing

Why? Because it drew us in. And maybe that special price was just for us, who knows. Oh those marketing geniuses.

2. Best

Whether it’s the best value, the best pizza, the best quality or the best service, offering the best of anything will always rub customers up the right way. Observe…

Mobile Marketing

We’re all wanting to try this “Best Steak in town” Dino’s is claiming to have right now aren’t we? Pity I made it up…

3. Value

Emphasize value over price when marketing your products. Rather than telling customers what they’ll spend, let them know what they’re saving. Stressing the idea of gaining value over losing money will reassure customers’ decision to buy knowing they’re saving money in the long-run.

Mobile Marketing

4. Free

We all like free stuff, so this one’s pretty self-explanatory. The nationwide traffic jam leading to McDonald’s #FreeBreakfastFriday last Friday morning is chaotic proof of that one.

A freebie will almost always result in additional purchases once you get the customer in the door. I know I bought a coffee with my free McMuffin last Friday, did you? C’mon, don’t pretend you weren’t all there…

5. New

New is exciting. Adventurous. We all want a bit of new in our lives.

New is a powerful word that can generate a lot of hype, thrill and curiosity. For example, we all want the new iPhone, the new Game of Thrones series, the “new” Dairy Milk bars that aren’t actually new at all just re-packaged, but we’re going to buy it anyway just in case this new packaging has altered the flavour in some unexplainable way.

Mobile Marketing

If you have a new a new product, new menu item, new design or new service always let customers know. New signifies improved, and customers want the best.

So, mobile marketers, next time you’re at your desk reluctantly trying to cut down your perfectly-worded 163 character mobile marketing campaign, remember to leave 5 words in for the ching-ching!

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