3 Tips for Marketing Your Business from the Superhero Superman

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How can the movie Superman teach you some tips for marketing your business? Well, the superhero was created 80 years ago in America by a high school student and since then, every little boy in the world has dreamed at least once about flying, fighting and thinking like him.

Recently, Hollywood has released a new movie about the superhero, Man Of Steel.

Believe it or not, there are some strong similarities between Superman and a business owner.

No, not because they both wear a costume or wear glasses when in front of a computer. The similarities are embedded deeper into the personality of the iconic superhero from Krypton.

But first, let’s talk about the non-superhero issues that you, the business owner, face every day.

In this particularly competitive environment, it is quite difficult for you to build a marketing strategy that lasts more than three months without questioning everything. Whenever the results are not as good as you were expecting, you are facing the questions of your employees and don’t really know what to reply since you feel like you are not in control of the situation.

Well, quite surprisingly, Superman can actually help you in solving this problem using three tips for marketing your business and three elements of his famous universal story.

Superman Tip #1: The Dual Personalities

When Clark Kent wears his suit and glasses, sitting at his desk at the Daily Planet, nobody around him makes the link with Superman.

His whole personality changes: he acts as a normal journalist, is quite shy and never shows his extraordinary physical abilities. Nobody suspects him because he knows how to act depending on the people he has in front of him.

You can apply the same principle for marketing your business. This is one of the tips for marketing your business.

I’m not telling you to transform yourself into a schizophrenic entrepreneur, but to tailor your marketing message depending on your customer personas.

If you are a restaurant owner and want to target specifically couples and families, you can create two different sets of menus: one with meals to share and glasses of champagne, the other with easy-to-eat food and goodies for the children.

Superman Tip #2: Be On A Mission

One of the tips for marketing your business: the importance of being on a mission

To succeed, you need to be on a mission.

In the movie Man Of Steel, Clark Kent’s foster father believes that his son arrived on Earth for a reason that he will find out at a later stage.

This is quite an interesting parallel with the mission that each entrepreneur should have when it comes to marketing his business.

In the video “Start with why” Simon Sinek explains that exceptional leaders share the same recipe for success: they start with why, their mission, decide how to accomplish it and finish by defining what is needed to do it.

In general, businesses begin with what, their products or services, then try to decide how to sell them, and why their customers should buy them.

Do not make the same mistake.

Superman Tip #3: Avoid The Kryptonite

In the Superman story, the Kryptonite is a radioactive element that makes Kal-El (Clark Kent’s real name) extremely weak and vulnerable.

You may ask yourself: “How on Earth will he find a link between this and tips for marketing your business?“.

Well, in this article, I talked about the importance of asking for permission to contact potential customers and actual customers.

In marketing, The Kryptonite is when you think that random strangers care about your brand or your products. To tell you the truth, what they care about is themselves.

So, how you do you gain the permission to share your marketing messages to potential and existing customers?

By providing them with content that they will care about, such as guides on how your product can solve your customers’ problems, you will avoid the Marketing Kryptonite.

I hope this list of three tips for marketing your business will help you to succeed.

Let me know your thoughts below!

Image references: Superman and Mission.

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