Feedback Management

Your customers are your business’s biggest asset. Their opinions and ideas provide a great insight in what you do well, what you can do better and what you should be doing!

At Text Republic, because we strongly believe in continuous improvement, we put the customer at the core of everything we do. Continuous improvement resonates throughout our company and is one of our company’s core values. Without listing to our customers this wouldn’t be possible.

That’s what inspired us to create our customer feedback solution know as Feedback Management.

Three Key Questions

There are three key indicators which every business should try to understand regarding their customers experience of shopping with them.

  1. Why do customers keep coming back?
  2. Why do they stop coming back?
  3. Are their any variations in experience between visits, stores, etc?


By using Text Republic’s Feedback Management you can easily collect, view, analyse this type of feedback in real time, helping you to understand what customers think.

How Does Feedback Work?

Via SMS Of Course!

Your customers simply text a keyword followed their comment to our dedicated free to end user shortcode (60788).

A keyword is a word which uniquely links to your business. For example if you own a pizza takeaway your unique keyword could be PIZZA. A customer would just be required to text PIZZA + their comment to 60788; and voilà, you’ve captured the customer feedback.

Many clients like to use incentives to encourage customers to give feedback, such as free entry into a monthly draw to win a voucher.

What Do I See?

Feedback, Feedback Everywhere!

When you log into your Text Republic account you can view all of the feedback being captured in real time in one easy to manage screen, as seen in the image below.

if you own more than one store then there’s no need to jump from screen to screen. We can offer a customer feedback benchmarking feature which allows you to compare and contrast feedback from store to store. Brand and customer experience consistency across multiple locations is very important; therefore trying to understand and resolve any variance in experience between stores is in every business owners best interests.

How Much Does It Cost?

Not Very Much!

The only costs of our Feedback Management feature are Keyword rental and your usual SMS costs.

The cost of renting a Keyword is a £10.00 monthly rental fee OR a £69.95 annual rental fee

SMS costs are for the Inbound Message (the message the customer sends containing feedback) and any Outbound Message (replies to the customer which you can set up). These cost are 6 credits for an Inbound Message and 1 credits for an Outbound Message.

For information on our SMS credit pricing please visit

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