Join the 1000s of independent retailers and small businesses using SMS marketing to boost sales and drive footfall by signing up for the  Text Republic Sales Booster Pack!

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How Do I Order One?

You can get your Text Republic Sales Booster Pack for ONLY €29.95/£24.95 . To order simply log into your account by clicking the log in link in the top right hand corner of this screen, navigating to the Shop and select to purchase.

If you don’t yet have a Text Republic account you can sign up for FREE by clicking our “Sign Up” button in main menu above.

Each Sales Booster Pack includes:

  1. Data compliant Customer Sign-up Forms for building your SMS customer database.

  2. Text Republic’s ‘Small Business Success Booster‘ booklet.

  3. Our Bulk SMS Solution Quick Start Guide.

  4. Free access to our great online resources and content.



What happens after I order my Sales Booster Pack?

After you have ordered your Sales Booster Pack sit tight and one of our Text Republic account management team will be in contact within 24hrs (excl. weekends) to arrange delivery of your pack.

What do I do when my customers complete the paper sign-up forms provided?

When you’re customers complete and return the in-store sign-up forms provided in the Text Republic Sales Booster Pack pop them somewhere safe until you’re ready to load the collected data into your Text Republic account. Once you’re ready to upload the data simply log into your account where – using the Manage my Contacts screen – you can easily input the mobile numbers and names (optional) manually or upload them in one go using an excel spreadsheet. For step by step help you can visit our Help Centre or contact us at

Do I have to sign a contract?

There is no contract required for this Text Republic service. The only cost is SMS Credits which can be purchased on a pay as you go basis. You only buy what you need when you need it. For more information on SMS pricing please visit our pricing page by clicking here.

What is an SMS Credit?

One SMS Credit = One outbound SMS of less than 160 characters.

Two SMS Credits = One outbound SMS of between 160 and 320 characters.

Three SMS Credits = One outbound SMS of between 320 and 460 characters.

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