Did You Know?

  1. SMS coupon campaigns are 75 times cheaper to execute than paper based coupon campaigns.
  2. The time it takes to organises a paper coupon campaign can be up to 2 weeks! SMS coupon campaigns can be organised in as little as 20 minutes.
  3. The open rate of SMS is 95% vs. 20% for Email. That’s a massive differential between the number of customers who will see your Mobile coupon and those that will see an Email coupon.


When considering a mobile couponing tool the two most important questions to ask yourself are:

  1. What types of couponing campaigns are available to me for delivering my coupons to the right customer at the right time
  2. What are the coupon redemption mechanisms available to me?

Text Republic’s Coupoing Software Has Two Options available for the Delivery of SMS Coupons to Your Customers

Bulk SMS Coupons

Bulk Campaigns are simple to set once off campaigns which you can quickly create and send to your entire database of customers or segments of your database which you can define using our filtering tools. Your customers get their coupon, a unique 6-digit code direct, to their mobile phone.

Instant Reward Coupons

Using our software you can instantly reward your customer with a coupon via SMS. Using poster, flyers or leaflets in-store or ads online encourage your customers to get their coupon. All the customer has to do is freetext a keyword to a shortcode (e.g. “Freetext COUPON to 50015 for an instant 20% off coupon”).

Coupon codes sent to customer via SMS are unique to the offer and the customer, therefore they cannot be used more than once.

The codes are generated within the Text Republic system and, upon presentation of the coupon by a customer, the retail (that’s you!) can validate the coupon for redemptions within Text Republic’ software.

There are two options available for redemption of coupon codes within our software:

1. Redeem on desktop by logging into our online sortware at my.textrepublic.com. We can provide special “Redeem Only” login to prevent staff from having access to your SMS database.

2. Text Republic can provide light-weight in-store tablet device software for use at the till.

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